Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a session?

All new clients undertake an initial consult regardless of service. Depending on the service and if your situation is eligible for ACC claim or not will determine the cost.

For none ACC, none Physio initial consultation sessions are $110 and 60minutes in duration

During this time we discuss your past history, current opportunities and what your future aspirations hold.
We also take you through a in-depth movement screen, to understand how each of your joints and movement patterns are currently performing and how they can be influencing your current situation

Using the findings of the movement screen, we can then collaboratively create a plan of action going forward aligned with your future goals and budget.

How long is an Fascial Stretch Session?

After your initial consult, if we collectively decide FST would be a good part of your personal plan, sessions are 90 minutes in duration.

Some FST therapists work in 60 minute blocks, but we find that extra 30 minutes allows for a much superior outcome whilst being able to integrate some good stability work, so you can leave your session primed and ready to do what ever you like.

How many sessions will I need?

Everybody is different - it is very dependent upon your current situation and what you wish to gain from our time together.

Typically individuals find a good lasting improvement within 3 to 5 sessions, especially when they have utilised their personal movement toolbox provided to them.

After their initial sessions, we review their progress and amend their plan accordingly.

Ultimately we want you to be provided with education and tools to aid your own body management.

How long is an Functional Range Conditioning Session?

Initial sessions are 60 minutes in duration, to allow you time to understand and grasp the specific principles behind FRC.

Depending on your needs and available time, sessions can be delivered in 45 and 60 minute blocks.

Who will benefit from Functional Range Conditioning?

In short EVERYONE - from Yogis to those who just want to move a bit smoother and everyone in between.

It is the main focus of FRC® to both improve flexibility and simultaneously teach the nervous system how to control the newly acquired ranges. Further more it allows an individual to generate power, strength and co-ordination across said ranges.

It can be incorporated alongside your current daily activities or training plan.

Are you able to work with those who have chronic pain or medical conditions such as arthritis?

We certainly can and have successfully assisted many individuals who encounter Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Arthritis and even MS in their day to day lives.

It was our own personal experience of chronic pain which led us to develop our approach and toolbox.

Before we schedule an initial consult with you, we like to have a conversation to understand your story and current situation, to make sure our skill set and scope of works will be able to assist you or if someone within our close network will be better suited to your needs.

During the initial consultation, we then develop an approach specific to you, with alternative avenues within our professional network for you to explore with clear review dates in place to ensure you get the best assistance possible.

Can FST be good for relaxation, like massage?

Yes it can.
Fascial Stretch Therapy can help with;

Pain - it is often greatly reduced or eliminated
Stress - is immediately and significantly reduced
Sleep - improves sleep quality, often after 1 session
Appearance - improves posture, look healthier and feel more confident
Mobility - often improved after just 1 session
Weight - greater mobility and pain free movement often leads to more effective exercise

We have many corporates who come purely for 90 minutes of disconnect from their usually hectic lives and is a great alternative to massage.

Do you work with ACC?

For Physiotherapy & Osteopathy sessions, where a recent injury has occurred YES we are able to generate ACC claims when eligibility criteria is met or utilise existing claim numbers depending on the situation presented.

For our wider services (FST, Functional Range Conditioning etc.) ACC is yet to widely acknowledge the approach or techniques, despite insurance companies and medical systems in other countries across the world doing so and actively supporting it.

In many cases, the associated costs for our none ACC services are equal to or cheaper than ACC based services and will provide a greater benefit going forward as we focus on the whole, not just the area which is currently painful.

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