We develop better humans.

Restore Prehab started with a simple goal in mind: To help every body move different.

After experiencing life-altering injuries of our own, the Restore Prehab team was driven to create a better way to develop better humans. We call it the 360° Approach.

We’re not about quick fixes or bandaid solutions. We’re about re-engineering the body, for long-term results. We look at the entire picture, top to toe. We get your joints functioning as they should. We get down to the ‘why’ behind your pain, and treat it at the cause. And we get each joint and muscle working beautifully on its own, so they can all work together as a team.

10 proven tools to unlock
your body’s potential.

8 Group Classes held
every week.

700+ people we’ve already
helped move different.

Our mission is to develop better humans.

We think critically, ask better questions, discuss openly, and challenge the status quo. We use evidence-informed information to better ourselves and our service, while maintaining a level of personality and standards like no other.

Picture of yoga class with people on yoga mats stretching


We love the individuality of the body, and that drives us to develop better humans.


We show every body respect, and work to the highest professional standards.


We get clear on the outcomes, communicate openly, and follow up consistently.


We don’t work for you; we work WITH you. Together as a team, we get the best results.

What is prehabilitation?

We all take our cars for a regular service.
So why don’t we do the same for our bodies?

Prehabilitation is a proactive approach to looking after your body. It’s about identifying opportunities to make a difference, and addressing them before they have a chance to start causing pain. Force is the language of cells. That’s why efficient movement is so critical, and why silver bullets and passive actions can only take you so far. Prehab is the difference between building a fence at the top of the cliff, or sending an ambulance to the bottom.

It’s the difference between your body as it is, and as it was made to be.

Picture of man and woman running outside

Our promise to you

We’ll approach your situation with a growth mindset and treat you like the individual you are.

We’ll be your biggest advocate, and if we can’t provide a solution, we’ll help find someone who can.

We’ll respect your time, be prepared, and give you 100% of our focus.

We’ll reply to your questions and queries by the next working day.

We’ll give you honest and clear direction, and lay all your options on the table.

We’ll ask for – and listen to – your feedback on how we’re doing.

What our clients are saying.

"Liv and the team at Restore have taken me from being injured and feeling powerless to feeling strong and empowered through their methods of coaching. I love that Liv is only a message away and genuinely wants you to succeed in your goals. "

- Waveney.

"I’m a 6’2, 105kg guy in his late 40s that has a love for martial arts, biking, and active pursuits. At 47 I probably left it a bit late to start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially given it is so hard on the body. I was dealing with some niggling injuries at the time and on the search for a solution that would treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms. My preference is to avoid injury rather than treat injury. Restore provides just that."

- Shane B.

"As I have aged, parts of my body have started to slow down and even stopped working as they used to. I struggled with running more than 1km without experiencing pain in my legs having resigned myself to thinking that it was the inevitability of old age. Restore has really helped me move again and to move in the way that my body is supposed to move. They always make me feel welcome and supported, making my ongoing recovery process a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I am very pleased to say that I can now run 6km without any pain in my body and am slowly venturing out into more strenuous activities with the confidence I have not had for over a decade. "

- Atu S..

"I knew right after my first consultation that this wasn’t going to be a ‘normal’ PT/Physio relationship but rather a tailored and focussed, “whole of person” approach to get me moving and healthy - and I loved it! I continue to really enjoy my journey with Restore, it has been hard at times but always progressing and fed by the super energy of Liv - I’ve never laughed and giggled so much while achieving good things in the gym or on the treatment table. "

- Andy B.

Make Your Move