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We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare and fitness, bridging the gap between traditional practices with innovative solutions

Restore Prehab is the home of joint specific strength training to assist in injury mitigation, improving mobility & flexibility, whilst reducing pain and stiffness leading to accelerated performance.

Effective Tools

At Restore, we take a 360-degree approach to movement health, addressing the root causes of movement inefficiencies and restoring efficient movement patterns.

Personalised Advice

We recognize the importance of re-integrating natural movement patterns into our modern sedentary lifestyles, improving overall health and reducing pain and stiffness.

Proactive Mitigation

With our self-assessment-based approach, you actively participate in correcting and improving your movement patterns to ensure you can do the things "future" you wants to do.

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External results start with internal control.

We understand that the body is an interconnected system, and to truly improve and enjoy the things we love, we must identify and address the root causes of movement inefficiencies, not just load it with external weights or resistance.

Rather than focusing solely on the site of pain or discomfort, we take a full body approach examining the spine, hip, breathing mechanics and feet as integral components of the body's movement.
Consistent and attentive movement is the key to unlocking your body's full potential and making positive long-term changes.

Join us Today & break free from the sedentary lifestyle or endless fitness routines and reclaim your natural ability to generate internal force and control.

Together, we can create a healthier, more vibrant future for all.

Our 360° Approach
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Better Mobility

Get your body moving the way it was made to; with control.

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More than Rehab

Go beyond regular physio rehab, and rebuild your body’s resilience.

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Take Control

Play an active role in your prehabilitation journey.

How you train today defines how you move tomorrow. Make your next move count, with Restore Prehab.

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Our experience isn’t just learned. It’s lived.

Every member of the Restore Prehab team has experienced a life-changing injury. That means we’ve also experienced the health system and fitness industry – and their flaws – first-hand. Driven to fill the gap, we’ve created a total-body approach. Where every body can move different, and no body is left behind.

Our Story

No silver bullets. Just gold-standard, long-term results.

"At age 55 I had been very active and healthy, representing competition level in the Strongman sport... in my weight grade (not age grade 😂). Mid 2021, I was admitted to hospital with a severe infection in my knee. After 4 surgeries in a month and 9 weeks in hospital, along with other complications I was left unable to bend my knee beyond thirty degrees! Undergoing a 5th surgery to clear out scar tissue to try and get the knee bending again, it wasn’t expected for my knee to go beyond 90 degrees. Restore has been great because the experienced crew there really work as a team to offer a total solution for my ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter who I see, they are all across my journey. It is with this dedicated approach that I currently now have 122+ degrees of mobility in my knee, far surpassing my surgeon’s expectations. "

- Lisa P.

"I feel Restore is different from traditional health and fitness as when I went to Physio after my first spine fracture, I did the same few exercises every-time by myself in the gym. It felt very hands off approach and just general exercises for anyone with a back injury. At Restore you are guided through and everything is done to suit you personally. I would absolutely recommend Restore to anyone with existing injuries or aches and pains, I look forward to coming every week."

- Rae.

"Understanding the benefits and power you get from true mobility, rather than just flexibility, combined with constant practice of C.A.Rs & Kinstretch has given me immense strength and control when doing martial arts. I am less injury prone and more efficient leading a deeper love for what I do, plus more time on the mats as a result."

- Shane.

"I went from not being able to squat my body weight without pain, thinking I could never revive my powerlifting career, to actively waking up each morning knowing I was going to get better and compete again. "

- Waveney.

"It’s is so hard to say in words what makes Restore special - but here goes….. without a doubt it’s two very special people named Liv and Barry and their calm, caring and unique alignment of thinking, expertise, application and desire for how we ‘humans’ can be better. They genuinely want you to be or get better, at your pace and to a level that you’re satisfied with. This ethos is complimented by like minded associates who, along with them deliver such a high quality of service each and every time, without fuss or hype and never with any pressure to be anything other than a better you."

- Andy B.

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