Ready to move different?

Ready to move different?

Please Note:

  • For Physio use the Appointments Tab
  • For Small Group Classes use the Group Sessions Tab.
  • Foundational Core classes are available under the Foundation S&C header
  • All Kinstretch classes are available under the Joint Health header
  • For Both Accute Injury Rehab Physio and Joint Health One-On-One Sessions with our team you will need to call us or use the enquiry form on the contact page.
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No silver bullets. Just gold-standard, long-term results.

"I feel Restore is different from traditional health and fitness as when I went to Physio after my first spine fracture, I did the same few exercises every-time by myself in the gym. It felt very hands off approach and just general exercises for anyone with a back injury. At Restore you are guided through and everything is done to suit you personally. I would absolutely recommend Restore to anyone with existing injuries or aches and pains, I look forward to coming every week."

- Rae.

"Understanding the benefits and power you get from true mobility, rather than just flexibility, combined with constant practice of C.A.Rs & Kinstretch has given me immense strength and control when doing martial arts. I am less injury prone and more efficient leading a deeper love for what I do, plus more time on the mats as a result."

- Shane.

"It wasn’t magic, but through hard work and positivity (which Liv has enough of to go around) I can feel myself getting strong again for the first time in three years. I could not recommend Liv and the team at Restore enough. I had tried just about everything, nothing has got me back on track more than the care from this team"

- Waveney.

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