Barefoot Research

October 5, 2020

Article courtesy of Sole Distribution New Zealand & VivoBareFoot ( Shoes can wreck our feet. And this is not news. As far back as the ancient Greeks, philosophers were already describing how ill-fitting sandals caused diseases of the foot; Socrates himself was known to insist on walking barefoot. In the 1800s…

Why you need to own your foot

July 5, 2020

Believe it or not your foot is one of the larger and more important sensory organs of the body, sitting behind the hands, fingers, tongue and lips;  especially when put in to context of the cortical sensory homunculus, the diagram depicting our sense of touch and vital feedback mechanisms to…

Why we need to balance internal and external training

June 2, 2020

Finding balance in our exercise between internal and external training is a vitally important part of ensuring our musculoskeletal health and mitigating injury. We firstly need to define what is ‘internal’ and what is ‘external’ training, as they are terms that are not widely used in the fitness and health…

The difference between FST and Myofascial Release

January 15, 2020

You have more than likely heard the term fascia and myofascia through various conversations, in various contexts and it all sounds the same, it is possibly wise to assist with defining what fascia and myofascia actually is. Thomas Myers defines fascia as follows; Fascia has many designations for different areas.…

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