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Discover where your body is efficient, where it has opportunities to improve efficiencies and how they potentially link to what you are feeling in your day to day life and activities.

Modern living is disconnecting us from our natural environment

In today’s world, we are becoming less connected to our natural environment, leading to a decline in our overall health and vitality despite advancements in healthcare and the popularity of fitness ‘routines’.

Chronic conditions, pain and illnesses continue to rise!

People find themselves trapped in a cycle of exercise and injury, seeking help from Dr’s, physios or chiros, only to find temporary relief or worsening symptoms.

Bridge the gap and innovate

We believe that true well-being requires a comprehensive approach to address the continuously increasing number of unresolved conditions and illnesses in society today.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and fitness practices by offering a unique perspective and innovative solutions.

Active participation in your treatments is a non-negotiable

Passive therapies like osteos, physios, and massages provide temporary relief but they will not rewire the neurological pathways between the brain and body to restore efficient movent patterns.

By assessing your joints, spine, feet and breathing mechanics as integral components of the body’s movement, we will help you to understand how each joint functions in everyday activities. We then collaboratively craft a plan to begin creating new neurological pathways, actively  restoring your efficient movement patterns.

Our assessment and its resulting personal action plan is here to guide and support you on this transformative journey towards understanding ‘you’ better,  ensuring you can do the things future you wants to do.

Join us and Discover the power of movement as a catalyst for change

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of healthcare and fitness to create a healthier, more vibrant future for all.

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"As I have aged, parts of my body have started to slow down and even stopped working as they used to. I struggled with running more than 1km without experiencing pain in my legs having resigned myself to thinking that it was the inevitability of old age. Restore has really helped me move again and to move in the way that my body is supposed to move. They always make me feel welcome and supported, making my ongoing recovery process a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I am very pleased to say that I can now run 6km without any pain in my body and am slowly venturing out into more strenuous activities with the confidence I have not had for over a decade. "

- Atu S..

"At age 55 I had been very active and healthy, representing competition level in the Strongman sport... in my weight grade (not age grade 😂). Mid 2021, I was admitted to hospital with a severe infection in my knee. After 4 surgeries in a month and 9 weeks in hospital, along with other complications I was left unable to bend my knee beyond thirty degrees! Undergoing a 5th surgery to clear out scar tissue to try and get the knee bending again, it wasn’t expected for my knee to go beyond 90 degrees. Restore has been great because the experienced crew there really work as a team to offer a total solution for my ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter who I see, they are all across my journey. It is with this dedicated approach that I currently now have 122+ degrees of mobility in my knee, far surpassing my surgeon’s expectations. "

- Lisa P.

"The ways Liv and Barry approach our PT/FST/Scar session’s are just next level, they always ask and listen first, then deliver exactly the right treatment or movement to maximise the workout/stretch/therapy and achieve that best result - you get 100% of them every time! I move now in ways that I’d never thought possible, I’m stronger, happier and more clear headed and I can only attribute that to being part of the Restore movement family."

- Andy B.