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If you can’t make it into our Christchurch-based clinic, our online classes are here to fill the gap. All you need to get started is an internet connection.


$69.95 /month

Discover the power of KINSTRETCH® with our online access! Enjoy a flexible schedule with the availability of a minimum of four classes at any time, designed for you to experience at your convenience. Dive into the world of KINSTRETCH® at an affordable rate when compared to a live class rate of $25 for non-members. Led by our experienced practitioners at Restore Prehab, pioneers of KINSTRETCH® in New Zealand, you’re guaranteed top-notch guidance. If you can’t make it to our Christchurch clinic for live sessions, KINSTRETCH® Online is your perfect solution. Learn more from our FAQs below.

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8 Week Core Fundamentals Series Online


Unlock the 8 Week Core Fundamentals Series today for just $27.99! Get exclusive access to 8 classes, each lasting 50-60 minutes, carefully crafted to transform your understanding of your core. Optimal results come from completing one class per week. Elevate your movement patterns, address personal weak points, and bid farewell to discomfort. Discover more in our FAQs below.

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What our clients are saying.

"I have been a horse rider for 30 years and I have broken my back twice first in May 2019 second in July 2020. I had seen a traditional physio that I was referred to by ACC, but was still in pain everyday once physio was completed. Since working with the Team at Restore, I have been able to fully return to my normal life with manageable pain and the tools to know how to help alleviate the pain and carry on. My biggest win is just being able to get back to doing my day to day life and achieving some exercises in the gym that I'm sure I couldn't have done even before I broke my back."

- Rae Q.

"It wasn’t magic, but through hard work and positivity (which Liv has enough of to go around) I can feel myself getting strong again for the first time in three years. I could not recommend Liv and the team at Restore enough. I had tried just about everything, nothing has got me back on track more than the care from this team"

- Waveney.

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Online Classes FAQs

  • You can cancel your subscription any time, via the user profile you create when signing up to through the app.

    If you’re on a monthly subscription, once you’ve subscribed, you’ll have access to the platform right up to your renewal date. For example if you signed up on the 1st of the month, your subscription will automatically renew on the 1st of the following month. If you decided to cancel on the 10th of the month, you’d continue to have access until the end of that month. Then on the 1st of the following month, your card won’t be debited, and your access to the content will be removed.

    You can re-activate your subscription any time by signing in and updating your payment details.

    ONE-TIME FEE OR PER-VIEW CONTENT: If you’ve purchased a one-off fee or per-view content, you’ll have access to that content for the stipulated duration. Once the access period has passed, you’ll lose your ability to view the content.

    REFUNDS: For subscriptions, refunds aren’t available for any part or whole unused months. This also applies to any one-time purchase fee or per-view content.
  • Experience dynamic online classes guided by an instructor, often accompanied by a student. Occasionally, drills involve 2 students. This format highlights body variations, verbal and tactile cues, and directional touch. While instructors occasionally demonstrate, classes mainly focus on instructor-led coaching for optimal learning.
  • A reliable internet connection is key for online access; minimal additional requirements.

    KINSTRETCH® demands a cushioned mat; optional tools like blocks, balls, or a stick enhance the experience.

    8 Week Core Fundamentals necessitate a mat, light resistance band, foam roller, and yoga block. Weeks 3 and 4 benefit from a partner, but not essential.
  • KINSTRETCH® Online classes are $69.95 per month. When you subscribe to our online platform, you’ll be asked to enter your payment details (which are held securely within the PCIDSS-compliant platform). You’ll then be charged each month, until you choose to cancel the subscription.
  • Absolutely no issue! Our live classes unite elite athletes and those with hip replacements seamlessly. KINSTRETCH® caters to all. Assess and optimize your joint function in classes focused on your current motion capabilities. Observe instructor-student variations, adjusting for your range. You'll receive expert guidance on maximizing drills and session benefits.
  • KINSTRETCH® is Functional Range Conditioning's® solution to group training. When you improve the ranges of motion, freedom, and resilience of your joints, it’s always going to improve your sport.

    It doesn’t matter if your sport is elite rugby, or running around after the kids. Using KINSTRETCH’s® in-built self assessment tools to build your body awareness, you can reduce your pain and improve your every day movement performance.
  • The short answer is, no. That said, if you have a new or acute injury (ie. less than 6 weeks old), then make sure your injury is being properly cared for. If your injury is in your shoulder, hand, or elbow, you’ll still be able to complete all the lower body / spine-focused classes. You can just exclude any upper-body work. Same goes if your injury is in the lower-body; you can simply exclude work targeting those areas.

    If your injury is a few months old, you’ve seen your physio or other specialist, and you’ve been cleared to start light exercise again, then there should be no reason for you not to take the class. Just be sensible, listen to your body, and take it slowly.
  • Like all things Restore Prehab, the answer depends on your unique physical history, and future needs. A majority of students practice 1-2 times a week, once their body is used to the new form of physical stress and loading.

    However, if you’re undergoing an intense training regime (e.g. heavy weight sessions 5 days a week AND playing sport 1-2 times a week), then adding KINSTRETCH® on top may not be right for you – as it’s another high threshold training strategy. That said, we’re always happy to guide you through a restructure of your approach, to keep you from overstressing the system, and make sure you get the most out of your training.
  • You can access the series for a one-off cost of $27.99. The series includes 8 classes, ranging from 50-60 minutes each. We recommend completing one class per week. But as long as you have the control and quality of movement, you can complete the entire course in as little as 8 days. Just note that the series isn’t designed to be used vigorously. It’s a developmental programme, here to help you improve your current situation.

    Even though there are 8 classes (equivalent to 8 weeks of work) you’ll have access to the content for a whole 12 weeks. This means you can go back for an extra month to practice, practice, practice.
  • Ideal for ongoing back concerns or recent childbirth. The series starts gently over 8 weeks, catering to beginners.

    For postpartum, wait 9-12 weeks (natural or C-section), gaining health practitioner's nod for exercise. C-section healing required.

    For back issues, consult a healthcare provider before engaging, especially after surgery or for specific conditions like spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or scoliosis.