Meet the team behind Restore Prehab.

We know what it’s like to live with chronic pain.

That’s why we take our clients’ progress personally, and why we’re so deeply invested in their success. Friendly and passionate, our team tailors each solution to suit each individual client. So we can help them move the way they were made to.

Barry Adams

Clinic Director


Certified Fascial Stretch Level 3 Medical Specialist
Functional Range Conditioning® mobility specialist – FRC(ms)
Certified Kinstretch® Instructor
Advanced Sports Science Cert.
Functional Movement Screen Level 2 Practitioner IASTM Cert.
FMT Performance Kinesiology Taping Cert.
Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWorks® Practitioner

Before I’d even turned 30, my body was already showing signs of early fatigue and wear and tear. In 2008 I was formally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. By age 33, a combination of 15 years of high-level rugby, multiple spinal surgeries, and living a work-hard-play-hard lifestyle had taken its toll. As a result, I decided to revisit my Physical Ed / Sport Science education. As I embarked on a journey to ‘fix’ myself, reigniting my interest in the functionality of the human body, I realised that the traditional view of S&C, Rehab and Health contained fundamental flaws. Those flaws became my passion, and led to my in-depth re-education in the way the body functions. I love all the subtle nuances of each individual body, which appeases my keen eye for detail. Today, I enjoy bringing all that and more to the clients and the team at Restore Prehab, striving for true lasting results.

Liv Bates

Clinic Director


Certified Fascial Stretch Level 3 Medical Specialist
Functional Range Release® – Spine Specialist
Functional Range Conditioning® mobility specialist – FRC(ms)
Certified Kinstretch® Instructor
Certified Remedial & Therapeutic Stretch Specialist
Cert. Strength & Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer
Functional Movement Screen Level 2 Practitioner
Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Therapist inc. Foot Mobilisation
FMT Performance Kinesiology Taping Cert.
Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWorks® Practitioner

With 10+ years of experience in the national and international fitness and body work world, I’ve worked with thousands of bodies. I work with a wide range of clients, from athletes to special populations, but they all have one goal in common; to move better for longevity. Being responsible for a person’s movement longevity is a huge responsibility, and I take it very seriously. Even more so because I’ve had my own experience with chronic pain and movement dysfunction, which resulted in a spinal fusion at just 29 years old. I bring a multifaceted approach to each client session, drawing on more than a decade of continual upskilling to ensure that my clients have the best treatment and training possible – and see lasting results because of it.

Dr Nick Penney

Osteopathic Musculoskeletal & Pain Management Specialist


BSc (Hons) Ost Med
PhD (Musculoskeletal Medicine)
Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine

  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.
Nick originally qualified as an osteopath from The British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in London, going on to complete a doctoral degree in Musculoskeletal Medicine at The University of Queensland in 2009. Nick is one of the few osteopaths to hold vocational registration in pain management, is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine. And practices from a scientific, evidence-based perspective. Services:
  • Diagnosis & treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain and injury (new symptoms or the reoccurrence of old ones). Early evidence-based intervention being important to prevent long term pain and disability.
  • Diagnosis & management of chronic pain and injury (pain that has persisted longer than 3 months). Chronic pain is not just acute pain that persists, and does not respond to the usual care for acute pain. This may include chronic post injury or surgical pain, chronic primary pain where no signal incident created it, as well as pain that arises from altogether different causes including physical and emotional trauma, personally meaningful negative life experience, post concussion syndrome or PTSD.


CHO - Chief Happiness Officer


Yahtzee is originally from the Westcoast, joining Restore as the Chief Happiness Officer.  As a Therapy Dog in training she will be tasked with providing the therapy most humans desire from our 4 legged best friends. Yahtzee is trained to SIT and wait for people to come to her so she asks for people to please wait for her to sit before they approach to say hi and indulge in all her good happy vibes. As she is young and in training, if she forgets her manners due to excitment please either; ignore her or make her sit before saying hi. She is a treat fiend, a huge people pleaser and will be your best friend if you give her a belly rub, but also knows when it is enough and will walk away to leave you be, especially if she is ignored. Yahtzee tries to understand not everyone is a dog lover or may have an allergy, if this applies to you, please let Barry or Liv know and they will be able to help Yahtzee give you the space you require. Ask us her Origin story, its a DOOZY!

What our clients are saying.

"I’m a 6’2, 105kg guy in his late 40s that has a love for martial arts, biking, and active pursuits. At 47 I probably left it a bit late to start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially given it is so hard on the body. I was dealing with some niggling injuries at the time and on the search for a solution that would treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms. My preference is to avoid injury rather than treat injury. Restore provides just that."

- Shane B.

"I have been a horse rider for 30 years and I have broken my back twice first in May 2019 second in July 2020. I had seen a traditional physio that I was referred to by ACC, but was still in pain everyday once physio was completed. Since working with the Team at Restore, I have been able to fully return to my normal life with manageable pain and the tools to know how to help alleviate the pain and carry on. My biggest win is just being able to get back to doing my day to day life and achieving some exercises in the gym that I'm sure I couldn't have done even before I broke my back."

- Rae Q.

"At age 55 I had been very active and healthy, representing competition level in the Strongman sport... in my weight grade (not age grade 😂). Mid 2021, I was admitted to hospital with a severe infection in my knee. After 4 surgeries in a month and 9 weeks in hospital, along with other complications I was left unable to bend my knee beyond thirty degrees! Undergoing a 5th surgery to clear out scar tissue to try and get the knee bending again, it wasn’t expected for my knee to go beyond 90 degrees. Restore has been great because the experienced crew there really work as a team to offer a total solution for my ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter who I see, they are all across my journey. It is with this dedicated approach that I currently now have 122+ degrees of mobility in my knee, far surpassing my surgeon’s expectations. "

- Lisa P.

"I came to Restore by referral with a seized up body from traditional gym training after going on a ‘health kick’ following major heart surgery (split in half and new aortic valve!). I was not in a good way both physically and mentally, yet through the skills, magic, care and positive energy given by the team, I was able to ‘restore’ my physical and mental well-being in a tailored client/body driven method of therapy that was hard to explain but a joy to experience, every time."

- Andy B.

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