What Makes Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery Different

We are a unique practice and take pride in everything we do. We do not perform cookie cutter therapy, nor do we have a revolving door of patients in a bid to chase insurance monies.

Everyone in our care has an individualised program designed to meet their needs, their body, their movement and their life. We use cutting-edge, ground-breaking techniques and a results-oriented approach not widely available in New Zealand, gaining our training in Canada, USA and the UK.

Our treatments are hands-on, one-on-one, and specialised in order to ensure the best outcome for each individual client.

We take our time to look at each client’s body, lifestyle, and concerns in order to develop specialised programs tailored to the individual.

We continue assessing at each visit and are able to get each client to reach their goals because we listen, work hard and see the big picture. We strongly believe each individual deserves this experience and all providers, clinical, fitness or otherwise should aspire to deliver the same.

During our comprehensive client evaluation, we assess joint motion and stability, neuro-muscular capacity and flexibility, and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Experts in movement, function and the role fascia has to play, we not only focus on reducing stiffness, pain and discomfort, but also on minimising them re-occurring

Some effective techniques we use include (but are not limited to):

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST)
  • Functional Range Conditioning®
  • Sharon Wheelers ScarWorks™
  • Soft Tissue therapy of multiple varieties
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Stability-based training and Corrective exercises
  • Sports-specific programs

Many people today have poorly managed body issues, we have personally been on the receiving end of this, hence our drive and dedication to up-skill overseas and deliver a “look out of the box” service. Often, directives are given that greatly oversimplify a vastly complex science; this fails to provide the right education needed for a holistic total body approach to improve an individual’s personal opportunities.

We are experts at assessing faulty movement and use our hands and eyes, not machines, to find changes in soft tissue that could be influencing your current challenges.

For example:

  • If you have back pain, it may be due to a weakened “core” structure that occurs from sitting too much.
  • If your knee hurts, perhaps your hip, ankle foot or even spine are not moving properly.
  • After surgery, the opposite side of your body may begin to hurt from overuse due to neurological smudging around the surgical site or fascial restriction residing from the scar tissue.
  • If touching your toes is challenging, it may not be tight hamstrings, but rather an issue with your core stability that’s placing a neurological handbrake in your movement.

This is why you must look beyond finding a professional to simply “treat” your injury, pain or whatever your challenges may be.  Basic, passive treatment may initially leave you feeling good, but what you need is a movement specialist.  Collaboratively we dig into the potential sources and facilitate you to a level of fitness and mobility you never thought possible.

We believe that your hard work and investment shouldn’t stop when your pain is gone or your post – injury symptoms are fully resolved. As an extension of our therapy, we offer a unique one-on-one personal and functional training experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll have the option to continue your hard work in the same therapeutic environment where constant collaboration and learning are always taking place. Not only will you learn exercise techniques specific to you, our therapists will help you transition yourself in to an advanced stage of training specific to your needs, while continuing your education on how to perform self-maintenance and how you can identify and address movement compensations specific to you before they develop into potential problems.

Our services also integrate completely with any current physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment you are receiving. Similarly, we can work alongside your current chosen personal trainer or specialist sports / Strength and Conditioning coach for that full 360 degree view of your needs, seamlessly but effectively.


Our FR and FRC training at UFC headquarters Las Vegas Nov 2018

End of FST Level 2 Training March 2018 with Founder Ann Frederick and our Canadian based tutors

Hosting The Movement Maestro’s inaugural Moving with the Maestro course here in NZ