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Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) are a range of methods that provide healthcare professionals, therapists and trainers with integrated and innovative mobility and stability strategies, focusing primarily on fascia, that deliver remarkable results.

What are RockTape Functional Movement Techniques®?

When you hear the word “RockTape“, you’re likely to think of that stretchy tape you see on CrossFit athletes – and you would not be wrong with this thinking. However RockTape is much more than just a taping company… it’s a movement company that wants people to move more and to move better, to make them “Go Stronger, Longer”.

Their Functional Movement Techniques® (FMT) are a range certification courses, led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy, that provide healthcare professionals, therapists and trainers with mobility and stability strategies that focus primarily on fascia, with the aim of delivering results regardless if they are working with an elite athlete or someone recovering from a serious car crash.


Why do we use it?

Everything we do is geared towards 1 thing; improvement of movement and mobility via interaction with fascia.

No one technique is a comprehensive solution for every individual: No one technique has the capability to address the complex and largely unknown components of fascia,  therefore to ensure a holistic collaborative approach, we need alternative concepts which we can mold, manipulate and integrate alongside some key powerful techniques, to make them as unique as the individual we are working with.

We are tired of people being placed into boxes, and the need of ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’ is real.

FMT® Performance Kinesiology TapingRockTape

FMT Performance introduces an evidence-based approach to taping for pain, posture, scars, enhancing fluid dynamics and preventing nerve entrapment. Kinesiology tape is not just for pain mitigation!

Over recent years, the effects of elastic therapeutic taping have been significantly researched, resulting in a variety of outcomes and opinions.

Our approach is that of a practical framework which involves taping movement not muscles – as opposed to what could be viewed as an outdated model that focuses on directional taping to activate or inhibit specific muscles and or joints.

By taking information about your personal movement patterns that we gather during your consultations, we are able to apply the “movement-over-muscles protocols” to improve your movement and function, which not only assists with the neurological re-patterning of movement to minimise future discomfort, but also allows the fascial chains to work for longer before fatigue is experienced.


FMT Blades®

Functional Movement Techniques® – Blades is RockTape’s take on Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM).

The use of tools is commonly paired with images of significant bruising and skin redness, often accompanied with the feeling of bruising or tenderness long after the session is completed. For us this is not the case nor a required outcome.

We are not seeking to ‘break down’ or ‘release’ tissue as this is very hard to achieve.

It takes approximately 3000nm of force or 900kgf to distort the mechanical properties of fascial tissue*

*Three-dimensional mathematical model for deformation of human fasciae in
manual therapy. Chaudry H, et al. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2008 Aug; 108(8):

There are 3 fascia layers which make up our connective tissue, and by focusing on how they glide against each other in addition to changing the input to the central nervous system we can influence how the area ‘feels’ pain which in turn provides positive treatment effects due to an altering tone of the tissues.

Put simply; we feed the sensory system to create desired motor effects of the tissues.

Often the FMT Blades® are integrated with our Fascial Stretch Therapy and Functional Movement Conditioning to provide different stimuli to the nervous system, specific to the desired session outcomes – for example if improvement of tissue glide is required, slow shallow and slow deep variables are administered. Where activation of a tissue complex is the desired outcome, a rapid application can be applied.


FMT RockFloss®

RockFloss (aka Tack & Floss, Voodoo Floss, Blood Flow Restriction) explores the emerging science behind comprRockFlossession band flossing and fascial tissue shearing to assist in the improvement in range of motion, fluid dynamics, pain mitigation and recovery rates.

Alongside use in a clinical setting, RockFloss is also great as a stand-alone self-management tool. It brings positive, subjective changes to your joints and soft tissues through compression, tension and movement.

You can never expect active results from passive interventions, so when it comes to re-patterning movement, the uses of RockFloss are only limited by imagination. Commonly, we use it as a cue to activate specific muscles, or as a compression aid when re-introducing movement to a specific joint after a surgical procedure.


FMT RockPods®

FMT RockPods® follow the ancient form of Cupping Therapy, which is commonly used to help with pain, inflammation, blood-flow, relaxation and well-being. These easy-to-use, non-invasive silicone cups look to decompress tissue by manipulating the tissue layers.

When combined with movement, FMT RockPods® allow the flow of fluids and tissues, whilst changing the body awareness to an area, thus restructuring the neurological stimulus away from what problem may have contributed to the tissues previous state.

During the re-patterning of movement, RockPods improve the sensory map via Haptic and Visual Cueing.

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