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We can assist in Pre and Post - Natal Care by providing systems and techniques which standard regimes do not necessarily address. From back pain to C-section scars, an integrated approach specific to you is key.

How Can Restore Help During My Pregnancy?

Your body changes significantly during pregnancy – some muscles will weaken while others will stiffen or become restricted as you support both yourself and your growing baby.

By working through the body as a whole, Fascial Stretch Therapy™ ensures all joints, connective tissues, and bones are kept aligned during both these changes and your baby’s growth – keeping you both as comfortable as possible.

Our table-based treatment, carried out by a fully certified therapist, ensures a safe and supportive environment, and removes the need for any uncomfortable manoeuvres.

We’re able to provide all expectant parents with a Functional Conditioning programme, specific to their needs during pregnancy, which will assist in maintaining balance and stability within the body while complementing any other activities which may be embarked on during this time. Keeping mum-to-be and baby healthy, without over exertion, sets the foundations for endurance during labour and progressive recovery post-birth – be it natural or via C-section.

We can show you and your partner how to utilise and apply the RockTape pregnancy taping techniques, which will allow you to self-manage pain and stress on your pregnant body. From swollen feet through to a sore and fatigued back or sciatica, specific RockTape applications can provide relief,  as well as support your growing baby for up to 5 days at a time without the need for additional layers, belly belts or bands.


How Can Restore Help After My Pregnancy?

Your body has been through a lot of stress, from carrying your baby through to labour, and it has been constantly adapting throughout. This can lead to ongoing mobility problems that standard post-natal regimes do not necessarily address.

If a C-section was involved, some of your major tissues connecting the upper and lower body will have been compromised with nerve endings subsequently being disturbed, and this could potentially restrict your natural ability to move in a normal, pain-free manner.

All these factors contribute to muscle tightness and weakness, fear of certain movements, lack of mobility, and back pain. If ignored, these factors can cause a diminished quality of life and create unexpected complications when trying to care for your baby.

Our use of FST™, allows your body’s fascia to be ‘un-wound’ and joints decompressed. It improves posture, significantly reduces or eliminates back and shoulder related pain, and allows the re-aligning and return of the body’s natural movement patterns. When combined with your personal movement toolbox, which is designed to stimulate under-active muscles, stable and mobile body function returns and the risk of future pain and/or injury is reduced.

Post-pregnancy taping techniques can ease the discomfort associated with ab separation issues and C-section scarring. By supporting the tissues and calming the nervous system during the healing process, RockTape keeps fatigue at bay, letting you focus all your energy on your new baby.

After my birth I had quite a decent ab separation so I called Liv up to see if there was anything she would be able to do. Not only was she able to help but she fitted me in just before she was heading to the airport. She taped up my belly and it felt so secure and supported. It really assisted my recovery after birth and having that support through out was literally a load off!

-Moira K


How do I Arrange Pre or Post – Natal Care with Restore?

A number of cost-effective packages are available. These can be pre-arranged, so there’s one less thing to organise during this busy time. Contact us to book an appointment.

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A lot of my problems stemmed from a complicated birth and they tailored their whole treatment plan around this. I have always felt like I was a part of every decision that they made and well informed about the benefits of each decision.
Kitty R

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