Aims to lessen the impact of scar tissue, helping to restore normal movement and change the appearance of the tissues as they become softer, flatter and more mobile. Where loss of sensation has occurred, it can often start to return within one session.

What is Sharon Wheeler's ScarWorks™?

Over the last 30 years, ScarWorks™ has been developed by Sharon Wheeler, who is one of Ida Rolf’s original Structural Integration or “Rolfing” students.

During her “Rolfing” practice, Sharon learnt that working with scars is like speaking a different language in the world of connective tissue, as scar tissue is very dense fascia with unique properties. Even techniques such as “Rolfing” can be quite in-effective when re-integrating the scar tissue and its properties back into the fascial webbing of the body.

As scar tissue is denser and stronger than normal tissue, it can often restrict movement and create discomfort throughout the scar structure and the surrounding areas, with the adhesions presenting not only on the surface of the skin, but much deeper into the connective tissue structure.

As part of her research and the development of ScarWorks™, Sharon Wheeler continues to work with doctors and the renowned fascia researcher and Rolfer, Dr Robert Schleip (University of Ulm, Germany). They have been using ultrasound before and after her work to demonstrate the efficacy of ScarWorks™.

How does it work?

ScarWorks™ takes a gentle and non-invasive approach, using only a light touch. Even for relatively new scars, the process is rarely painful. In fact, a significant transformation can often occur in just one session, although ongoing healing takes place gradually. This method is effective for scars of all ages, whether they are from natural healing or surgical procedures. The changes are evident immediately, and the healing process continues to unfold after the session.

Unlike other approaches that focus on forceful manipulation of scar tissue without considering the nervous system, ScarWorks™ employs a range of light touch techniques that are tailored to address different types of scarring. This approach allows the therapist to work harmoniously with your body’s natural systems, promoting efficient healing.

The process commences with surface layers and progressively delves into deeper layers of scar tissue, facilitating lasting change. The flexibility of these techniques ensures that the therapist can adapt to your specific needs, whether your scar is from a burn or a surgical procedure.

We proudly stand as the sole ScarWorks™ practitioners in New Zealand, offering you an exclusive opportunity to experience this innovative approach to scar healing.

Why do we use it?

Delving into the realm of fascia is truly captivating. This intricate web of connective tissue, which was once shrouded in mystery, wields a significant influence over our movement capabilities.

Scientific research unequivocally supports the fact that scar tissue cannot be “broken down” through conventional means. The aftermath of surgical interventions often yields more scar tissue and heightened discomfort, rendering such efforts seemingly futile.

Whether stemming from C-sections or burns, every scar has the power to shape your movement and influence your perception of comfort and discomfort. Employing a proven approach that is painless and gentle, we facilitate the seamless integration of scar tissue into the intricate fascial network. This avenue not only empowers you to unlock your movement potential but also offers cosmetic enhancements in the process.

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