Aims to lessen the impact of scar tissue, helping to restore normal movement and change the appearance of the tissues as they become softer, flatter and more mobile. Where loss of sensation has occurred, it can often start to return within one session.

What is Sharon Wheeler's ScarWorks™?

Over the last 30 years, ScarWorks™ has been developed by Sharon Wheeler, who is one of Ida Rolf’s original Structural Integration or “Rolfing” students.

During her “Rolfing” practice, Sharon learnt that working with scars is like speaking a different language in the world of connective tissue, as scar tissue is very dense fascia with unique properties. Even techniques such as “Rolfing” can be quite in-effective when re-integrating the scar tissue and its properties back into the fascial webbing of the body.

As scar tissue is denser and stronger than normal tissue, it can often restrict movement and create discomfort throughout the scar structure and the surrounding areas, with the adhesions presenting not only on the surface of the skin, but much deeper into the connective tissue structure.

As part of her research and the development of ScarWorks™, Sharon Wheeler continues to work with doctors and the renowned fascia researcher and Rolfer, Dr Robert Schleip (University of Ulm, Germany). They have been using ultrasound before and after her work to demonstrate the efficacy of ScarWorks™.

How does it work?

ScarWorks™ uses no invasive tools, just a casual, light touch. The work is rarely painful even for very new scars and the amount of change in one intervention can be extensive, although most healing will occur in small stages over time. Natural and surgical scars of any age respond immediately, followed by continual adaptation as the short period of post-session healing continues.

Unlike other methods, which focus on “breaking down” the scar tissue through strong touch with little sympathy for the nervous system, Scarworks’™ range of light touch techniques have been developed to address the variety of scarring that can occur. This allows the therapist to work efficiently and collaboratively with your body’s systems.

The work starts on the surface layers and progresses into the deeper layers of the scar tissue, enabling permanent change. Flexible techniques allow the therapist to be specific to the needs of you and your scar tissue – whether it be a burn or keyhole surgery scar.

We are the only ScarWorks™ practitioners in New Zealand.

Why do we use it?

Working in the world of fascia is fascinating. This connective tissue, which until recently has been pretty much unknown, plays a huge part in how well we move.

It has been scientifically proven scar tissue cannot be “broken down”. Surgical intervention to reduce the appearance of scars more often than not results in more scar tissue and more discomfort, which could be viewed as a pointless activity.

From C-Sections to burns, all scars can and will influence how well you move and how you feel movement and discomfort. Utilising a proven, pain-free and light touch approach to assist the integration of scar tissue back into the fascial webbing provides a gateway to achieving your movement potential while also gaining a cosmetic benefit.

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