Our approach is not all about what we do to you, it’s about what we can do together.

We use techniques that are as unique as each person, to ensure your personal needs and goals are catered for.

Are those little aches and pains or reoccurring minor injuries niggling away with no reason as to why? Tired of coming across “this is how you will be from now on” or “it’s just part of getting older”? It’s okay, we are too!

Pain, stiffness and lack of mobility are all symptoms of something else occurring in the body; it is the only way our body can “speak to us” when the body’s systems are not aligned.

Our approach is not all about what we do to you, it’s about what we can do together.

Since our inception, Restore has delivered a unique toolbox of systems which are designed to highlight potential root causes of pain, decreased mobility and inefficient movement by reviewing the body’s movement on a functional and holistic basis. 

These systems provide us with a unique range of tools, techniques and education to facilitate you in regaining your body’s natural functional movements, while reducing the impact of scar tissue, improving collagen deposition and ‘remapping’ the neurological inputs in order to minimise your body reverting to its previous, less efficient state.

We have successfully transitioned our clients from painful conditions which they thought were “something I had to live with” into free-moving, pain-free individuals.  What makes us different from traditional clinical and soft tissue practices is our approach – we have immersed ourselves deep into the world of fascia and believe in its intimate connection between movement and musculoskeletal pain to assess the potential source.

We assess stability, flexibility, mobility, mechanical and fascial restrictions, including scar tissue, and neuromuscular functions, then collaborate with you to highlight your opportunities for development. It’s that simple. We don’t waste your time or see you more than is absolutely necessary. Our goal is to facilitate your ability to develop and make you move and feel better than when you walked in the door. Comforted, cared for and on a revised path.

At Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery®, we work with individuals – pre and post pregnancy, chronic pain, serious injuries and post-surgical / rehabilitation scenarios. We do not diagnose or treat acute injuries, this stays firmly within the scope of physiotherapy, consultants and ACC / insurance claims.

Our services also integrate completely with any current physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathic treatment you are receiving. Similarly, we can seamlessly and effectively work alongside your current chosen personal trainer or specialist sports / Strength and Conditioning coach for that full 360 degree view of your needs.

Being 2 of 9 individuals in NZ qualified in FST,  1 of 8 in FRC®, 1 of 1 in FR® spine and the only Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWorks practitioners in NZ, we really do bring a fresh approach to body maintenance in Christchurch, the South Island and New Zealand as a whole.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an advanced educational and holistic approach to body maintenance, prehabilitation, rehabilitation and restoration to the general public & elite athletes alike, which all clinical providers, manual or soft tissue therapists and fitness providers seek to integrate with or emulate.

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