Where do we fit and who do we help?

What we do is new in New Zealand.

We don’t replace other professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, medical professionals or sport trainers. We work with them, to solve another part of the puzzle.

We help:

  • Those living with chronic pain: You’ve suffered, you’ve tried everything, you want your body – and your life – back.
  • Those recovering from injury: Scar tissue runs deeper than you think. We go beyond your injury site to ensure complete recovery and avoid problems down the track.
  • Those wanting to enhance their performance: You’re doing everything to keep your body in peak condition. Now you can unlock a forgotten piece of the puzzle.


Scars Matter

Regardless of how small or how old scars are, they can have a significant impact to you and the situation you are in. From chronic pain to finding that extra "thing" in elite performance, that forgetten scar could be holding your key..

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