Enhance your progress at our clients-only gym.

All Restore Prehab clients get
access to our exclusive gym.

It’s a safe and modern space to train, surrounded by like-minded people and supported with your own personalised programme. And with no locked-in fixed-term contracts, you can wrap up your membership any time.

Your Place

Our gym is a safe and intimate space, where you can carve out some you-time.

Like-minded People

It’s a gym-monkey/bro-lifting-free zone, where you can focus on moving different.

Quality Support

Our friendly and professional team is there to provide 1-1 coaching and support.

Get Back Into It

You can get help getting back to your favourite sports, training, and activities.

image of Rae Q

Rae Q

Horse Rider Once More

I have been a horse rider for 30 years and I have broken my back twice first in May 2019 second in July 2020. I had seen a traditional physio that I was referred to by ACC, but was still in pain everyday once physio was completed. Since working with the Team at Restore, I have been able to fully return to my normal life with manageable pain and the tools to know how to help alleviate the pain and carry on. My biggest win is just being able to get back to doing my day to day life and achieving some exercises in the gym that I'm sure I couldn't have done even before I broke my back.

Here’s how it works.


First we have an initial consultation to work out what your body needs, and how those needs line up with your goals.


Then we create a personalised programme, load it into our cutting-edge programming app, and walk you through it 1:1.


We give you plenty of time and space to crack into your programme, and keep track of your progress through the app.


We check in regularly, and make changes if things aren’t gelling. After 8-12 weeks, we’ll re-programme with new progressions.

No silver bullets. Just gold-standard, long-term results.

"Liv and the team at Restore have taken me from being injured and feeling powerless to feeling strong and empowered through their methods of coaching. I love that Liv is only a message away and genuinely wants you to succeed in your goals. "

- Waveney.

"I’m a 6’2, 105kg guy in his late 40s that has a love for martial arts, biking, and active pursuits. At 47 I probably left it a bit late to start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially given it is so hard on the body. I was dealing with some niggling injuries at the time and on the search for a solution that would treat the root cause rather than just the symptoms. My preference is to avoid injury rather than treat injury. Restore provides just that."

- Shane B.

"At age 55 I had been very active and healthy, representing competition level in the Strongman sport... in my weight grade (not age grade 😂). Mid 2021, I was admitted to hospital with a severe infection in my knee. After 4 surgeries in a month and 9 weeks in hospital, along with other complications I was left unable to bend my knee beyond thirty degrees! Undergoing a 5th surgery to clear out scar tissue to try and get the knee bending again, it wasn’t expected for my knee to go beyond 90 degrees. Restore has been great because the experienced crew there really work as a team to offer a total solution for my ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter who I see, they are all across my journey. It is with this dedicated approach that I currently now have 122+ degrees of mobility in my knee, far surpassing my surgeon’s expectations. "

- Lisa P.

Make Your Move