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An Online movement enhancement system that provides you the control and flexibility to improve your body at a time that suits you.

Can’t attend live classes? We have a solution for that!

If you are unable to attend a live class at our Christchurch based clinic on New Zealands South Island, due to work commitments, your physical location within NZ or WorldWide, we have brought a collection of our live classes online in a varity of different packages so you can join us to finally improve your joint health, mobility and movement longevity from the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room – anywhere that has an internet connection to be honest.

KINSTRETCH® is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USABLE ranges of motion.

As it pertains to body control, injury prevention, joint health, and physical longevity the practice is complete with a self-assessment system allowing you the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at an increased chance of injury.

One of the most crucial differences between KINSTRETCH®   and other approaches is utilising active range of motion or mobility training, to build your foundation.

Currently Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery® is New Zealands only certified KINSTRETCH® provider, so if you are unable to attend a live class at our Christchurch based clinic our Online solution is the ideal option for you.

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Check out our FAQs below for more details

8 Week  Core Fundamentals Training

For a one off fixed fee you will gain access to our in-house 8 Week Core Fundamentals Series for a whole 12 weeks.

Many back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck complaints can arise from your “core” complexes and breath cycles not functioning as efficiently as they could be.

During this 8 week series you will gain a broader knowledge of what your “core” actually is, how your breath cycle can positively and negatively influence it’s efficiency, whilst exploring your own personal areas of opportunity and taking steps to polish them and improve your overall movement patterns and reduce those constant niggles, aches and pains.

The fundamental aspects of this series, takes us back to our development stages during infancy. No fancy plank holds, russian twists will be involved and for good reason – most of us do not hold the pre-requisits to complete these advanced drills compently.

Yes!! you read that right, planks are an advanced drill to train the core which is not relevant to the vast majority of us as we do not know how to recruit some of the deep structures which make up the core complex.

Somewhere during our journey to being an upright adult the vast majority of us lose the ability to control our body’s movement on the floor and thus the ability to recruit deep structure and create intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in many dysfunctions being developed as the only one consistent in life, Gravity, continues to place forces upon our body.

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Check out our FAQs below for more details

Stretch & Restore

Feeling stressed and tight?  Pulling all of our techniques together we have developed a unique 60minute class designed to unwind the body on a holsitic basis, improve movement through areas typically highly dysfunctional whilst restoring the mind.

Simply grab a mat, hit the play button and follow the instructor along, let the stresses of the day or week drop from the body, restoring tissue function and feel relaxed and reinvigorated for whatever else you have planned ahead.

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To improve our body function and movement patterns, first we often need to calm and open the mind.

Too often traditional Medicine and Health & Fitness segments the body into separate items, completely omitting the body’s interwoven nature. The body is made up of 7 different systems, generally governed by the mind and nervous system.

Healing comes from mind body and soul – with the mind tending to be an area of least focus.

By taking time out and re-setting the mind, quite often we can help re-set the rest of the body and it’s systems.

With our 30 or 60 minute guided meditation classes you can take time out from your busy schedule, focus on you and hit that re-set button to get all of the stresses in life back in alignment.

Sometimes we just need to disconnect to re-connect.

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Would KINSTRETCH® benefit me if I play.............?

KINSTRETCH® is Functional Range Conditioning's (FRC) solution to group training. By improving the ranges of motion, freedom and increasing the resilancy of your joints is going to improve your sport - any form of sport, even if that sport is being the stay at home parent.
By improving your body awareness with the in-built self assessment tools, you can back that pain-free life or improvement to your sporting performance you have been looking for.

What if I have never done KINSTRETCH® before?

Simple answer - KINSTRETCH® is for EVERYBODY. The classes are designed and coached for you to assess how YOUR joints are functioning and then get you set up in your current end ranges of motion. The class is always delivered with a student being coached, so you are able to see the differences between the instructor and the student and how to vary the output to the ranges available. The instructor will always coach how to get the most from the drill and session. In our live classes you will regularly see elite athletes and individuals with hip replacements working alongside each other.

What will the KINSTRETCH® Online classes cost and what will I receive?

The KINSTRETCH® Online classes are $69.95 per month.
When you subscribe to our online platform, you will be asked to enter in your payment details.
Your details are held securely within the platform (PCIDSS compliant) and will be charged each month, until such times you cancel the subscription.
Each month you will have a minimum of 4 online classes available to access. At the beginning of each month a new class will be uploaded, with another new video being uploaded 2 weeks later.
This will ensure you always gain new content and develop, whilst maintaining the comfort of familiar content.
In addition you will also be able to access our 30minute mediatation video free of charge.
Our live classes cost $25 per session, so providing you commit to practicing at least once per week, the Online classes provides a significantly cheaper and more flexible solution.

What will I need to participate in the Online classes, do I need exercise equipment?

First and Foremost you will require an Internet connection. The online platform does not allow downloading of the classes for viewing off-line.

For KINSTRETCH® typically you do not need anything except yourself and a well cushioned mat. However there are times where use of yoga blocks, tennis or lacrosse balls and a stick will be very useful, but there will be an alterntive if you do not have these available.

For 8 Week Foundation Core; you will require mat, a light resistance band, a short foam roller, and a yoga block. For weeks 3 and 4 a partner would be highly beneficial, but not neccessary.

For all other online content, you require yourself and a quite space.

How long are the KINSTRETCH®Online Classes

Typically they are the same length as our Live classes - 75mins, give or take 5 to 10 minutes. The beauty of participation Online being you can pause, and come back at a later date if you are pushed for time, although this isn't encouraged to ensure you gain the maximum benefits.

Is there any reason I should not take KINSTRETCH® Online?

In short NO!....
That said, if you have a new or acute injury (acute being something less than 6 weeks old), then first go to the Physiotherapist and ensure your injury is being cared for. If that injury is of a shoulder, hand, elbow, you will still be able to complete all of the lower body / spine focused classes with you ensuring you exclude any upperbody work and visa versa for the lower body.
If that injury is a few month old, you have seen physio / specialist and have been cleared to start light exercise again, then there should be little reason for you not to take the class - just be sensible and do not go 100%, graduate your return.

When should I do KINSTRETCH®, before or after workouts, how often should I do them?

The answer to that, like everything with us is; It depends!
If you are under heavy load with your other training regime i.e. heavy weight sessions 5 days a week AND playing sport once to twice a week then adding this on top may not be the best approach to achieve your goals quickly due to it being another high threshold training strategy.
However we are happy to help guide you through a re-structure of your approach to ensure you do not overstress the system and ensure you gain the most from all aspects of your training.
We can tell you most students / attendees do practice once to twice a week, once their body is used to the new form of physical stress and loading.

Can I do the 8 Week Core series if I have back issues or just had a baby?

The 8 Week Foundational Core Series is ideal if you have ongoing back issues or just had a baby, as we are starting from the absolute beginning, building things up slowly over the course of the 8 weeks, providing;

Post Baby: Ensure you receive clearance from your health practitioner to recommence light exercise and those who underwent C-Section the scar has fully healed. With both natural and C-section births we would recommend waiting until you are a minimum of 9 -12 weeks post-partum.

Back Issues: If you have recently under-gone a surgical procedure ensure you have clearance from your consultant to commence light exercise. Conditions such as spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis or scoliosis may require a cautious approach depending on the severity of your condition - as always check with your health care practitioner in the first instance.

What does the 8 Week Foundational Core Series Cost and what do I get?

The series cost is $139.99

You will get 8 classes, ranging from 50 - 60 minutes in duration.
It is advised you complete a class a week, but it is possible for you to complete a class a day providing you are able to do so with complete control and quality.
The series is not designed to be used in vigour, it is a developmental programme to help improve your current situation.

Even though there are 8 classes, equivalent to 8 weeks of work, you will have access to the content for a whole 3 months. This means you can go back for a further month to practice, practice, practice.

What if I do not want to continue with the Online classes?

You are able to manage your subscription via the user profile you create when signing up to the Online Platform.
At anytime you can cancel your subscription via this profile.

For those on a monthly subscription you will be able to maintain access to the platform once you have subscribed up to the renewal date.
For example if you signed up on the 1st of the month, your subscription will automatically renew on the 1st of the following month.
If you decided to cancel on the 10th of the month, you will continue to have access until the end of that month. Upon the 1st of the next month coming around, your card will not be debited and you will not be able to access the content.

You can re-activate your subscription at anytime by signing in and updating your payment details.

For those who have purchased a one of fee or per view content, you will have access to that content for the stipulated duration. Once the access period has passed, your ability to view the content will cease.

REFUNDS: Refunds are not available for any part or whole un-used months subscriptions.
This also applies to any one time purchase fee or one time view content.

Are the Online classes just the instructor talking to the camera?

Most of the time it is an instructor taking a student through the class whilst it is being recorded. In some instances there maybe 2 students present, depending on the drill being conducted.
By doing this you will get to see and understand the differences between people, hear the verbal cues and see the tactile cues and directional touch placed on their body.
Occasionally the instructor will also demonsrate drills and motions, but on the whole the classes will be conducted with the instructor coaching a student.

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