COVID-19 Information

Current Traffic Light Setting
- Orange

From 3rd December 2021, New Zealand will shift from the Alert Level System to the Covid Protection Framework, or Traffic Light System (TLS).

Further details on how the Traffic Light System functions can be at

Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery® is registered as an Allied Health organisation with all associated business services being classified as a Personal & Public Health Services Facility, providing Health Services, within the meaning of section 6(1) of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2020; and within the meaning of section 5(1) of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

Under the Traffic Light System this means vaccine passes will not be required, however at Red setting some specific on-premise services will only be available on an online basis to the immuno-compomised and/or unvaccinated to safeguard their health. By providing an alternative way to consume the offering, this does not exclude those individuals from accessing Restore’s services.

We request all individuals to monitor for symptoms prior to the arranged appointment and inform us a minimum of 48hours prior where-ever possible. Late cancellation (sub 48hours) or should an individual arrive for the scheduled appointment symptomatic, the session will be cancelled and they maybe liable for the full cost of their session as per our Terms of Trade.

Full details of our policies can be found here


All external parties i.e. building management, maintenance as such will be required to;

  • Be vaccinated
  • Organise access at least one month in advance, unless agreed with management otherwise
  • Provide names and vaccination status of those attending prior to arranged visit date
  • Ensure face coverings are worn at all times.

This is to safeguard the external parties and our client base as much as possible.